Unlimited API usage for models

can I have an unlimited usage of the models for 9$ or is too low??

Hi @micole66 ,

No the 9$ does not provide unlimited usage of the models.

You are enabled to use 300k input characters with your subscription currently. We want to make the API usage something pay-as-you go so we can make it affordable for everyone.


it would be great, because 300k does not give you a lot of room to play with as an individual researcher, especially if you have lengthy inputs…

Hi @Narsil,
I bought Supporter plan, but still I can’t use APIs and getting error:
error’: 'Free account monthly API usage limit reached. Unlock unlimited Inference API usage with subscriptions starting as low as $9/mo
How can I solve it?
Thanks a lot

HI @Melik ,

Are you including your API token correctly ? Did you make the switch right now ?
It might take a few minutes to propagate the information if you just subscribed.