Using examples, multiple inputs and display only one input

Hi, I’m quite new to Gradio but am amazed of what it can do. I’ve build a simple text generation model on Huggingface that I would like to display in a Space.

The model accepts 3 inputs: a prompt (text), a temperature (float) and a top-p probability (float). I am specifying a few example input prompts to select in the space. However, i would like to provide only one input (the text) for the example and use the default value for temperature and top-p. Why? Because now I have to specify both the text, the temperature and the top-p values and the example box does not look very nice:

Even when I don’t specify a default value for top-p the column will appear. I’ve tried to overcode this using a gr.Dropdown list but was not successful. Would it be possible to display only the input prompt text in the example box?

Thanks @wvangils, this is something we are working on and should have out soon! You can follow the progress on this issue: Exclude inputs from examples · Issue #1362 · gradio-app/gradio (

Thank you @abidlabs, I will keep an eye on the progress of the ticket.