Using HF API with ReactJS

I’m trying to make a call to the large-bert model to do a summary task but the response is always the same generic “ will feature iReporter photos in a weekly Travel Snapshots gallery. Please submit your best shots of the U.S. for next week. Visit CNN Travel | Global Destinations, Tips & Video next Wednesday for a new gallery of snapshots. Please share your best photos of the United States with CNN iReport.” Which has nothing to do with my test input from wikipedia.

I was wondering if there was an explanation. Am I missing some input or passing the data wrong?

The following is the attempted code using
const response = await fetch(



                headers: { Authorization: `Bearer ${API_TOKEN}` },

                method: "POST",

                data: {

                    "inputs": JSON.stringify(script),

                    "parameters": {"do_sample": false},




        const result = await response.json();