Using the prompt to switch model

yeah, regarding gradio.Interface.load()

import gradio
model1 = gradio.Interface.load(“models/ItsJayQz/Marvel_WhatIf_Diffusion”)

def process1(prompt):
image_return = model1(prompt)
return image_return

with gradio.Blocks() as nice_ui:
input_text = gradio.Textbox(label=“Enter Prompt Here”)
output_window = gradio.Image(label=“Produced Image”)
run_button = gradio.Button(label=“Run”) = (process1, input_text, output_window)

Don’t quote me on this, I usually error a couple times before getting the syntax right, but this is pretty close.

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Thanks a lot, I will use this new code above
and the solution provided by @abidlabs

Hopefully, this will work faster

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I’m going to mess with this task as well, because I think I’ve tried before incorporating a dropdown with this method, and was having trouble. I think the dropdown needs to target a function that points to the model, rather than the model. Another option to keep on the board is gradio.Interface.from_pipeline(). I’ll copy you if you get it figured out xD

It worked! I had actually given up on using a dropdown to select gradio.Interface.load() some time ago. Following @abidlabs example and changing:

models = [
made it happen. Thanks for asking this question and check it out:

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looks promising, I am not having the version working yet
I made the space private in the meantime to get faster result

Will make the space public once I’m done

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My code is full of remodels, but to refine it down was something like:



def the_process(input_text, model_choice):

with gr.Blocks() as demo:
model_choice = gr.Dropdown(choices=[m for m in model_box], type=“index”, value=current_model)
the_button=gr.Button(), inputs=[input_text,model_choice], outputs=[output_window]


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I am finishing up, but it works now

Thanks a lot for your help, I am glad this is resolved
and I learned a lot in the last 2 days thanks to you

Here is the final version:

As a sidenote - I had to get rid of one the style

Fetching model from: DGSpitzer/Guan-Yu-Diffusion · Hugging Face
as it was giving an error
ValueError: Unsupported pipeline type: None

This thread can now be closed

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here is a fresh example

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Right on, I learned a lot here too.
That example I just left is trash for anybody following along, and nobody should use it. XD
Here is an example space employing “Gradio Dropdown to Select Interface.load(models)” to remember this journey

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