What is 'model is currently loading;'

I’m a beginner at NLP.
I’m going to summarize sentences using T5 model’s information API.
The model is currently loading keeps popping up and does not proceed.
Can you tell me what this error is?

I want to summarize more than 5,000 characters into 1,000 to 2,000 characters.
How should I write the parameters?

Hello :hugs:
Inference API loads models on demand, so if it’s your first time using it in a while it will load the model first, then you can try to send the request again in couple of seconds.

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As per Detailed parameters — Api inference documentation, you can use the wait_for_model option to wait for the response instead of having to do multiple requests.

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Thank you for answering.

I hope this model is always ready.
What should I do to do that?
Model should always show me response immediately.

Can i pinned the model?

Thank you for answering!

i hope this model is always ready
wait_for_model parameters means ready to model?

wait_for_model is documented in the link shared above.

If false, you will get a 503 when it’s loading. If true, your process will hang waiting for the response, which might take a bit while the model is loading. You can pin models for instant loading (see Hugging Face – Pricing)

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I get a message that wait_for_model is no longer valid

{‘inputs’: {‘past_user_inputs’: , ‘generated_responses’: , ‘text’: ‘yo’}, ‘parameters’: {‘min_length’: 1, ‘max_length’: 500, ‘repetition_penalty’: 50.0, ‘temperature’: 50.0, ‘use_cache’: True, ‘wait_for_model’: True}}
{“error”: “The following model_kwargs are not used by the model: [‘wait_for_model’] (note: typos in the generate arguments will also show up in this list)”}