What kind of models is AutoNLP using?

I’m curious about AutoNLP and have a question regarding what kind of models AutoNLP uses. e.g. I have a NER task, and from what I got on the documentation of the AutoNLP, - it will do search a best one. But let’s say, I have a domain-specific corpus with specific sets of labels, how it will be working in this case and what kind of model will be used? usual Bert model on NER hugginface pipeline? Is there way to customize a model and settings, e.g. vocabulary?

Hi with the new hub model training feature, you can do this now. Read more about it here: Training A Model From Hugging Face Hub — AutoNLP documentation

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Abhishek you’re awesome, sorry for the late response. This is a cool feature. Thank you! (I’m thinking about switching to AutoNLP for some projects and AutoNLP seems cool)


What base model to use for the NER task?

Hi @adrianog !
AutoNLP will choose the base model for you if you provide it the appropriate language :smile: