What kind of questions can I ask here?

As opposed to the repos.

IMO the forum is better for any kinds of questions, but it’s ultimately a matter of preference of the user between using GitHub issues or the forum.

The forum is ideally suited for questions that traverse :hugs: libraries: for instance “How can use nlp to train a :hugs: Transformers model?” is probably better asked here in the Beginners section.


Great example

Hey this is my first post. Sash shared the link in the acl group for early access I guess. I think you should make some guidelines about the kind of questions to ask, so people don’t bring up issues that can’t be tracked easily.


+1 on this.
Some template for asking questions, beginner kind or otherwise, will be incredibly useful in the long run.

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Working on some “How to ask questions here guide” but this also an open space, so don’t feel you have to follow any kinds of rules. Our goal is to host a larger discussion here than on GitHub.


When we were first discussing having a forum/slack/discord, the main point (IIRC) was to off-load general discussions and questions from Github to another medium. This way, Github can be reserved for bug reports and feature requests - allowing the developers to easily go over the issues without too much noise.

This begs the question, though, how general can these questions be? Is it “allowed” to ask very general questions about language models? About different types of tokenisation? And so on. Or even further: are discussions allowed that discuss possible interesting points of interest in NLP? Or the future of NLP (looking at @thomwolf’s YouTube vid)?

Yes those are all interesting subjects that we’d love to be able to discuss here.