What parameter settings (if any) do the "Sample" and "Greedy" options correspond to when using the BLOOM api?

Hello all, sorry if this is a newbie question. On the bloom demo page there is an option to select “Sample” or “Greedy” as a text generation parameter/option.

When I look at what I think is the list of parameters available for BLOOM (just looking at the list for text generation) I don’t see anything that literally corresponds to ‘sample’ or ‘greedy’.

I thought this might reflect temperature; eg., perhaps a high temperature setting corresponds to greedy, and vice versa. Is this correct?


Sorry this was a silly question. I dont see a way to delete the topic entirely, so in case anyone is wondering the answer is:

do_sample (Optional: True). Bool. Whether or not to use sampling, use greedy decoding otherwise.

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Not a silly question at all it help me so thanks