What's the license of joeddav/xlm-roberta-large-xnli?

Hi again,

I would like to use this multilingual model for zero-shot classification. Super useful work btw!

Before I can embed it in my Dataiku DSS plugin, I need to check the license. Could you confirm what type of open source license this model is released with?


Alex Combessie

Hey, glad you’ve found it useful! The set of models it’s fine-tuned from (xlm-roberta) list MIT as the license, so I’ve added the same to xlm-roberta-large-xnli.

Also here is the license for the XNLI dataset which it was fine-tuned on for reference.

Thanks for your swift response! Could you add to the model card at some point?

Add the license? I did that just before my response.

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