License for philschmid/bart-large-cnn-samsum

Hi @philschmid & @lewtun ,
What would be the license for model trained on the samsum dataset ?
(philschmid/bart-large-cnn-samsum). Can it be used for commercial applications?


Hi @kaushalshetty – i would suggest you ask directly on the model repo (inside the Community tab)

Thanks @julien-c . Just asked it there but i am curious with how the licenses work.
Are models allowed to be trained on datasets having CC BY-NC -ND license since models are a derivative of the dataset(are they?)?

IANAL but the common intuition from what i’ve seen so far is that a model can be licensed independently of the datasets it’s been trained on

cc @CarlosMF

link to the model repo discussion: philschmid/bart-large-cnn-samsum · License for this model