Where can I get all the parameters for each pipeline task?

When I look at the documentation for each pipeline, it sometimes has shows parameters I can change for different results. I was hoping to get a whole list of them but I can’t seem to find them. Does someone have such a list?

Here are the pipelines I am talking about:

Example of parameters (min_length, max_length) for summarization pipeline.

Are there any more parameters like these 2 or is that it?

And what about the other pipelines?

Thank you!

Hi Matt, welcome to the forum :hugs:

For most pipeline tasks the parameters are explicitly listed in the documentation of the __call__ method, see, for example, the pipeline for QuestionAnswering: Pipelines.call

The parameters for the summarization pipeline (which are the same as for the Text2TextGeneration pipeline), however, are passed on as **kwargs (not exactly sure why, but my guess is because there are so many of them).

To see a list of the possible parameters for text generation (and thus summarization), you can check out the generate method: Generation. (For even more background on some of the most important parameters, I highly recommend this blog post).

Hope that helps!


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