Where is the fine-tuned model output?

I’m new to using AutoTrain on Hugging Face and I encountered an issue during my first attempt at fine-tuning a model. I have a free account, because I want to see whether I can get something to work before I start paying for training. Here’s a summary of what I did and the problems I’m facing:

Training Configuration:
I trained using Mistral-7B-Instruct-v0.2
Dataset: I uploaded a tiny JSONL file (24 records) with a single “text” field for training.
Training Parameters: I set the training to run for one epoch.
Training Process:
The training ran for a couple of seconds.
I received a message that the space was paused, which I assumed meant the training had completed.

After the training supposedly completed, I can’t find any output files or trained models.
I checked all available tabs and sections in the AutoTrain interface but didn’t see anything labeled “Models,” “Artifacts,” “Results,” or similar.
I reviewed the logs but didn’t find any clear indications of where the output is stored.
I checked my Hugging Face profile under the “Models” heading, but it says “None yet.”

Where should I look in the AutoTrain interface to find the trained model and output files?
Are there any additional steps I need to take to ensure the trained model is saved and accessible?
With a free account, I don’t have any GPUs assigned. But is that a problem with only 24 short training samples and one epoch?
Any guidance or tips would be greatly appreciated!

I assume AutoTrain pushes your model to a repository on the hub, under your profile.

cc @abhishek

Thank you for your reply. I am not seeing any model that I have fine-tuned, and I have tried training several times. Perhaps I need to pay for GPUs to do fine-tuning, even with a tiny training file.