Why are some file formats ignored when pulling a repository?


I’m trying to deploy an inference endpoint with a custom handler.

However, my model weights aren’t available in the /repository folder of the image so it fails to initialize.

Here are the first lines of logs:
INFO | Used configuration:
INFO | Repository ID: <repository-id>
INFO | Repository Revision: <repository-version>
INFO | Start loading image artifacts from huggingface.co
INFO | Ignore regex pattern for files, which are not downloaded: onnx, tar.gz, rust, *mlmodel, tflite, tf, openvino, ckpt, flax, *safetensors

This would explain why I can’t find my weights, as they are a .ckpt file.

What is the purpose of ignoring these files?
Is it possible/safe to remove a specific format from this regex and or to remove this regex at all?

Thank you in advance.

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Same here. Lost a day before pointing out that pulling ignoring my onnx files from a huggingface model

For anyone struggling with this issue, it seems to come from the “Framework” setting in the “Advanced configuration” panel when creating an inference endpoint. By default, it will select “PyTorch”, which will ignore the mentioned file formats. If you don’t want these file formats to be ignored, just select “Custom” for this field.

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