Why are some file formats ignored when pulling a repository?


I’m trying to deploy an inference endpoint with a custom handler.

However, my model weights aren’t available in the /repository folder of the image so it fails to initialize.

Here are the first lines of logs:
INFO | Used configuration:
INFO | Repository ID: <repository-id>
INFO | Repository Revision: <repository-version>
INFO | Start loading image artifacts from huggingface.co
INFO | Ignore regex pattern for files, which are not downloaded: onnx, tar.gz, rust, *mlmodel, tflite, tf, openvino, ckpt, flax, *safetensors

This would explain why I can’t find my weights, as they are a .ckpt file.

What is the purpose of ignoring these files?
Is it possible/safe to remove a specific format from this regex and or to remove this regex at all?

Thank you in advance.