Why the botton can not apply css?,but textbox works great

import gradio as gr
import numpy as np

css = """
#warning {background-color: #FFCCCB} 
.feedback textarea {font-size: 64px !important}

with gr.Blocks(css=css) as demo:
    box1 = gr.Button(value="Good Job", elem_classes="feedback")
    box2 = gr.Textbox(value="Failure", elem_id="warning",

if __name__ == "__main__":

this css works changing the button style and the textarea

css = """
#warning {background-color: #FFCCCB} 
.feedback {font-size: 64px !important;}
.feedback textarea {font-size: 64px !important;}
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Thanks.it works! Could you tell me how it works? what’s the diff between textbox and button??

I’m confused and trying to figure out why some CSS styles are applied on certain components but not others.
Button: font → ok, color->fail
Label: font → fail, color → ok
Textbox: font->ok, color ->ok
I can’t find