"You are sending too many messages. Try again later."

It has been impossible to use the assistants for the past 4 hours. As soon as I try to use an assistant, I get this message:

“You are sending too many messages. Try again later.”

Have you implemented limits? If so, could you indicate what they are? How many hours do we need to wait before we can use the assistants again?


I have had the same error, and have not been sending many messages, so I doubt it is a limit (unless it’s weekly/monthly). I’ve chalked it up to an error which will be fixed.


I wish there was a way to pay to deploy an assistant. I would happily do so - I want my own sequestered instance of my model and assistant to request from an API.


Been getting this today too, never really got the error before. After I waited a while I sent a simple message and it still seems to reject it. I’m waiting it out it could be like the time it went down but didn’t really appear to be “down”

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Yeah been down all day, I hope it gets fixed as i find huggingchat’s options far superior to chatGPT


Same here too…for me it started yesterday…I waited a few hours…still popping the same error…went to sleep for 4 hours…still same error…it maybe a server froze or get ddos Ed issue…still annoying I love the platform and the "many ai models in one place"concept

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Me too, i keep having this problem as well, hope it gets fixed soon, ain’t no way im using chatgpt which contains constant censorship (And boy do i hate censorship), hope they get this fixed soon, hopefully by tomorrow, it did work for 3 messages but then went back to the “Too many messages later”.

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Are you still having this issue? Just tried an assistant and it works for me.

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Hello Niels,

the assistants have not had this error since Sunday and are working properly. :smile: