400 Error "metadata" is required on All Spaces I've created in the past

Every space I’ve created just leads to this page, can’t access space files or anything.

This problem isn’t arising when I create new spaces.
Anyone else facing a similar issue ?

Same here. Spaces error - "metadata" is required

Same here. I got error 400 “metadata” is required.

Same here! Hopefully it gets fixed soon! :grinning:

It’s fixed.

That issue has been also present in past month, I got it, and some spaces (not owned by myself) also had.

It seems, the error is back now. All my spaces are in the case of that Huggingface.co issue, and also some spaces that are owned by some people on HuggingFace!

The last time that issue has been here, I just waited 1 day, and the issue disappeared by itself (I suspect the issue is to the side of Huggingface.co Docker Containers systems… Not the spaces themselves!)

Update : issue has been resolved ten minutes later (after I encountered it) all by itself (once again) on all my spaces now. All are working again.

The issue clearly is to HuggingFace side. Thanks to the Huggingface.co staff for the quick response to resolve the issue!