504 server Error hile upload csv files

I have created my first dataset about text summarization i made it private for my business purpose for one.
I uploaded a file with the HfApi api from the documentation
from huggingface_hub import HfApi
api = HfApi()


I have mulitple files when i try to upload them with folder of on a single file i get 504 server error i have spend around 3 hours trying agin mulitple times but in vain
any help!


Same issue for me pushing parquet files and a readme. I’m pushing using git, so I guess this is not due to the front facing API but something else internally.

Good luck solving this, team!

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I’d say this is now fixed. Thanks!

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Hi @Abdelkareem , sorry you experienced those issues. We had some extra load on the server causing timeouts this weekend. Would it be possible to retry and tell us how it goes? Also, can you add more logging to your script and then copy-paste the full output + stacktrace to this post so that we can look into it? Thanks in advance!

To enable logging, run those 2 lines at the top of your script:

from huggingface_hub import logging

(@graelo sorry as well about your issue but glad to know it came back to normal now :slight_smile: )


No worries, thanks for the update and the verbosity hint: that’s very handy!

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I worked after 2 hours correctly, thanks all ! you are dowing a great work.

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