A improvement about Huggingface Space

Nowadays, Huggingface space is an excellent part for deploy model.
The requirement.txt file provide by user can config and prebuild the
environment properly.

And I think its a improvement can be take, if a package in requirements.txt
not setting version. With the time gose on, in interface of the package may change. So if one build it in the future, may have risk of incompatible.

So I think, should add a function about produce a .txt file about the last successful build packages with its version. like



That’s an interesting take. However for some Spaces that rely on the version that was installed previously forcing an upgrade of the requirements could break the Space.
In any case if you’re aware of an update in the dependencies without version you can always trigger a factory reboot that will force the reinstall of the requirements.

I’m does not mean change the requirement.txt and set the version of every packages, but auto generate a accessorial requirements.txt file that as a part of project portrait like data card for dataset or model card for models. This last successful built information will make the future build with some edit more easily.