About Streaming Image

Hi, How can I stop streaming or close webcam when I click to “Submit button”. i want spend camera for another function.

hi @JackWrion , I’m assuming you’re talking about Gradio Image webcam component? In that case, this is an open issue at the moment Allow Webcam stream to be stopped/resume programmatically · Issue #3642 · gradio-app/gradio · GitHub

Yes, sir. That’s my point. I need a method for controlling the camera On/Off. I expect it to be updated soon.

The problem is I want to capture images 3 times in 3 seconds, so I use CV2.VideoCapture. But It’s not working because Gradio holds the webcam, so Cv2 cannot get it. The solution is to release webcame temporarily in Gradio, or Gradio can capture 3 images by itself.

Therefore, Is there any way for me to capture 3 images in 3 seconds when I click the “submit” button once