How to display multiple webcam images?

I’m building object recognition using a web camera.
But I can only see one webcam.
Is there a way to display the second one?

Paste the code you are trying.

import gradio as gr

def webcam(video0,video1):
    return video0,video1

interface = gr.Interface(

if __name__ == "__main__":

Hi @tomtechjp, this works for me here:

Try the latest version of gradio (currently gradio==3.4b3).

Also, I’m not sure if you can have two different streaming webcams (or why you’d need that?) But two non-streaming webcams should definitely work

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to respond.
I wanted to use two different cameras to recognize objects from two directions at the same time.

I would like to find another way.
Thank you very much.

For that, we’d need to first support secondary webcams. Can you chime in here on this open issue with your use case so we can make sure to report it? Adding Rear Camera Support for Mobile Phones · Issue #818 · gradio-app/gradio (