Access denied when reading files in dataset

I have created a dataset by following the instructions. Basically I am doing this by choosing “New dataset”, cloning the repository, added the files to the local git (in my case *.json.gz) and pushing to the repo.

However, when trying to access the files in the browser I first get the message “This file is stored with [Git LFS]. It is too big to display, but you can still [download] it.” Clicking the “download” link it returns an “access denied” XML-object. This happens even if I set the status of the dataset as public.

Accessing the files with “load dataset”, gives me the exact same error.

EDIT: When my colleague in the same organisation creates a repo, it seem to work fine. However, when I clone and upload files, they are inaccessible. None of us are able to read the files that I have submitted. File permissions are identical on both the readable and the unreadable files.

Hi ! Is your dataset public ? So that I can take a look and see what’s going on.

Otherwise feel free to make a dummy public dataset that reproduces the error.
Or we can discuss this via DM if you don’t want to make the dataset public

Thank you.

I have a dummy public dataset here: pere/NCCv2. It contains a couple of dataset files. Both files are showing the same problem.

Thanks, we are looking into it !

Apparently the upload must have failed so you need to re-upload the files - sorry for the inconvenience !