Always same reponse?

I am using GPT2 for text generation.

However, for any given prompt, the response is always the same.

For example, for the prompt: “The answer to the universe is” … the response is always: "The answer to the universe is not in the right directions to set an orbit around, but instead on a flat platform with plenty of space to spread Earthly planets and other planets. You still find the answer here at the end of the article of life…

How can I change this each time I run my code?

import json
import requests
headers = {“Authorization”: f"Bearer MYAPI"}

def query(payload):
data = json.dumps(payload)
response = requests.request(“POST”, API_URL, headers=headers, data=data)
return json.loads(response.content.decode(“utf-8”))
data = query({“inputs”: “The answer to the universe is”})