[Announcement] New Terms of Service on huggingface.co

Hello community members and users of our website huggingface.co,

We updated our Terms of Service, which can be found at Terms Of Service – Hugging Face

Please read them carefully, as we did our best to draft them in a readable way! :wink:

At Hugging Face, we strive to increase transparency, protect your privacy, and make your user experience as smooth and secure as possible.

In short, if you publish models, datasets or any content to our website, you own your content, while you also provide us with a limited license to use it, for instance to display it or to provide an Inference API, etc.

This is pretty much the same legal terms as on GitHub for instance (why reinvent the wheel), and should be as protective as possible of your IP rights.

We are very much open to feedback, so feel free to share with us any comments or questions that you might have. (here for instance)

Anna, Jeff, Pierric, Julien, and the rest of the :hugs: team


cc @annatrdj :wink:

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So Github is using our code for their own services? I highly doubt that…