Appropriate model for extracting personnel changes from news stories?

Given a news story such as this:

Volkswagen Appoints Patrik Mayer CFO Of Passenger Cars Brand ContentEngine Volkswagen AG (VKW.L, VLKAF.PK, VOW.BE) Tuesday announced the appointment of Patrik Andreas Mayer as the Chief Financial Officer at the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, succeeding Alexander Seitz. Mayer has been serving as CFO at Volkswagen Group Russia. Seitz will be the new executive chairman of Volkswagen Group South American Region. Thomas Ulbrich will be the board member in charge of the newly created New Mobility division of Volkswagen Passenger Cars. The appointment of Ulbrich, Grnitz, Mayer and Seitz will be effective October 1, 2022.

What would be an appropriate model to start with for extracting personnel transitions?, such as

  • Patrik Mayer appointed CFO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand,
  • Alexander Seitz new executive chairman of Volkswagen Group South American Region,
  • Thomas Ulbrich board member in charge New Mobility division

Basically, I’d like to extract new roles as well as previous roles and companies. It would be nice if the output had a tabular layout, with columns Name, New Role, Transition, Effective Date, Previous Role, Previous Company. Transitions will be “hired”, “fired”, “appointed”, “retired”, “stepped down”, etc.