Argilla Space Reset, Login credentials not working

Dear Team, We are using the Argilla annotation which was running on CPU upgrade. A while ago, the space went down and rebooted again. While we are aware of data persistent issue (all the annotated data was lost), it seems even the Repo secrets are not working anymore (used to reset the default passwords)

Default credentials mentioned on HF above are also wrong. It seems 🚀 Quickstart - Argilla 1.6.0 documentation page info helped finally to access the repo.
Issue 1: Repo Secrets not working when Argilla space reboots.
Issue 2: Info on HF page is wrong.

hello @ppsingh ,
Sorry for your data loss, we’ve been improving Spaces stability recently. The recommendation is always to backup your data and sync with our Datasets hub.

In terms of the credentials, I’m not sure about your error, but I just did two tests creating a new Space from the template. First setting the ADMIN_PASSWORD and ADMIN_USERNAME env variables set it to my desired values, and another test using the default user admin and password 12345678, both tests worked as expected.

Could you please try a factory reboot? And please double check on your Space’ Settings if you see the variables defined like this:

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Hi @radames Thanks for your reply. The HF-Argilla page was not updated, because when i checked the repo-secrets were to be set TEAM_API_KEY etc. Thanks for updating the page thats helps a lot.

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