Audio Course : Unit 4

Hello ! I’m new here and finding some difficulties around the courses.

At first I’m new in the AI, I have some experience at Data Analyst from DataCamp and manipulating DataFrames so I quite understand how to use these kind of data.

But since I started the Audio courses (It’s my first courses, I didn’t start the NLP courses yet). For now I just started understanding and replicate the code that the courses give.
Until the “Hands on exercices” on the Unit 4.
During this exercises I tried to manipulate the Dataset variable and I understood that I just can’t manipulate them as we wish.

For example, during the exercise, they propose to cut the dataset from 30s audio to 2*15 s audio.

So since it’s not interesting for you to give me the answer yet, I would like to know if it’s possible (I guess yes) and if it exists tutorial or example manipulating Dataset in many ways.

Thank you very much and have end of the year celebrations :slight_smile: