Audio files view error

Hi, recently I am having a problem with dataset viewer. I cannot get the preview of audio files in my dataset. I am getting this error :
ERROR: type should be audio, got [ { "src": " Dataset/test/2/audio/audio.mp3", "type": "audio/mpeg" }, { "src": " Dataset/test/2/audio/audio.wav", "type": "audio/wav" } ]
Audio files are zipped and are in wav format. Anyone have any idea?

Hi ! Which dataset is it ? The audio type must contain either

  • a list of strings pointing to the WAV files
  • a list of dictionaries with “bytes” and “path” field - containing the file bytes and the file name or path

Hi! it is j-krzywdziak/test · Datasets at Hugging Face , In · j-krzywdziak/test at main in _generate_examples i added path and bytes but something gone wrong along the way.

@lhoestq Do you have any idea why do I have this error? I would appreciate any help because i spent almost 3 days trying to solve this ;p

sorry @j-krzywdziak maybe @severo can help you?

Your code looks all good to me, this sounds like a bug on our side. I’m forcing a refresh of your dataset preview. If it persists, please open an issue at GitHub - huggingface/datasets-server: Lightweight web API for visualizing and exploring all types of datasets - computer vision, speech, text, and tabular - stored on the Hugging Face Hub

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created Dataset Viewer issue for j-krzywdziak/test · Issue #966 · huggingface/datasets-server · GitHub

@severo fyi - it’s a duplicate of Problem with Dataset Preview with audio files and the error is caused by a space symbol in the config name, you already opened an issue for that :slight_smile: