Problem with Dataset Preview with audio files

Hi, I am looking for a help with my test dataset. I plan to upload large dataset on Hugging Face but first I wanted to experiment and learn how to stream audio data. I have a problem with Dataset Preview. I cannot get the audio probes to listen in preview. My dataset will consist of audio in mp3 format packed in tar.gz file and a metadata in .tsv file format with audio name and some description. Can you please help me and maybe tell what I did wrong in my dataloader · j-krzywdziak/test at main that I cannot preview the audio correctly. Any tip will be helpful, because this is my first time with Hugging Face and I am still a little bit unsure about how it works. Unfortunately documentation did not help. Thanks in advance!

cc @severo do you know what could be the issue ?

The dataset script is correct and the dataset is streamable, but it seems to return one mp3 and one wav for the preview for some reason

@lhoestq @j-krzywdziak hey! this is weird but I tried to change config name from ‚ÄúTest Dataset‚ÄĚ to ‚Äútest-dataset‚ÄĚ (to exclude space) and it worked (I cloned the repo, you can check here: polinaeterna/test-user ¬∑ Datasets at Hugging Face)

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I created an issue: Support all the characters in dataset, config and split · Issue #853 · huggingface/datasets-server · GitHub

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