Authentication Error Datasets

Hi, hope you all can help.

I am using VSC to download models and datasets locally. For datasets (and a few models but mostly models DL just fine) I receive this error.

Repository Not Found for url:
Please make sure you specified the correct `repo_id` and `repo_type`.
If you are trying to access a private or gated repo, make sure you are authenticated.


from huggingface_hub import snapshot_download
access_token = "hf_...."
from dataset_list import *
for x in datasets:
    print(snapshot_download(repo_id=x,local_dir="/Volumes/Dataset/"+x, cache_dir="/Volumes/Dataset/hugging_cache", use_auth_token=access_token))

This apparently is not the way I need to auth in. I know this is a correct repository as I copy/paste from HF.

Any thoughts/links?

Thank you!

I needed repo_type="dataset" in my print string.

print(snapshot_download(repo_type="dataset", repo_id=x,local_dir="/Volumes/Dataset/"+x, cache_dir="/Volumes/Dataset/hugging_cache", use_auth_token=access_token))