Authentication error zenml in Huggingspace

Hi I tried to spinup zenml in huggingspace but I am ended up with Authentication error. Its trying to login and throwing error as Authentication error. I tried default as a user name. Any Idea how to resolve this?

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Hi! Have you followed the instructions in the HF Spaces docs for using this? The important part states:

In the upper-right hand corner of your space you’ll see a button with three dots which, when you click on it, will offer you a menu option to “Embed this Space”. (See the HuggingFace documentation for more details on this feature.) Copy the “Direct URL” shown in the box that you can now see on the screen. This should look something like this: https://<YOUR_USERNAME>-<SPACE_NAME> . Open that URL and use our default login to access the dashboard (username: ‘default’, password: (leave it empty)).

So you have to use this direct URL and after that I think you shouldn’t have this problem any more.

Please let me know if you continue to have issues!


yes thank you it was working i missed the embed this space. I can able to connect now.


Thanks a lot, It also help me.