Auto Train not working: "data is being prepared" / Authenticating Error

Hi everyone,

I´m new to using Auto Traing, but I could set up a model about 2 weeks ago successfully. However, when I now try to train a text classifier based on a transformer model (bert-base-uncased, but also tried others), the Auto Train UI sometimes stucks compeletely and just says “data is being prepared” (see below) or the training process is interrupted and I get an error saying “Error when authenticating”.

Does anybody have an idea what I´m doing wrong? Is it a server problem?

Thank you so much!

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I have the same issue. I deleted and recreated the project 3 times. After uploading the CSV for a Text Classification (Binary) job, I get

Getting ready...
Your data is being prepared. This may take a while.

message on the Trainings tab.

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