AutoNLP backend error in loading CSV file => error 427 - not numeric

AutoNLP backend gives this error on uploading a training file:

Model is binary classification

INFO [1/1] :package: Copying /home/vv/git/hf/csvDatasets/train.csv to /home/vv/.huggingface/autonlp/projects/Vasan/autonlp-data-item_detection/raw/train.csv…
INFO :cloud: Uploading files to the dataset hub…
INFO :white_check_mark: Successfully uploaded the files!
INFO [1/1] :file_folder: Registering file train.csv into project ‘train.csv’…
ERROR :x: Oops! Something failed in AutoNLP backend…
ERROR Error code: 422; Details: ‘[{‘loc’: [‘body’, ‘split’], ‘msg’: ‘value is not a valid integer’, ‘type’: ‘type_error.integer’}]’

The content of the file I tried to upload is:

Note: If I try to load again, the error disappears, but the message:

INFO :cloud: Uploading files to the dataset hub…
INFO :grey_question: Files did not change since last upload!
:tada: Yupee! Your files have been uploaded.

It looks like it did not load anything, since the file had not changed (but it did not load succesffully the first time!)

Any suggestion is welcome…