Autotrain build can't be loaded

So, a model was added to my repo from autotrain. However, it has folders ‘runs’ and ‘checkpoint-183’ and I can’t use it. It has some safetensor file among others, but I can’t use the model.

Did the autotrain complete succesfully or why has it placed these files and not the correct ones?

I get this when trying to use the model:
RandyPulse/autotrain-nbnv5-kp6zr is not a local folder and is not a valid model identifier listed on ‘Models - Hugging Face
If this is a private repository, make sure to pass a token having permission to this repo either by logging in with huggingface-cli login or by passing token=<your_token>

I have also tried placing my read-token:
model = AutoModelForCausalLM.from_pretrained(

Well yeah, I needed to give a token for the tokenizer also. But now I get a message that the folder doesn’t have config.json

“RandyPulse/autotrain-nbnv5-kp6zr does not appear to have a file named config.json”

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