Missing config.json file after AutoTraining

Detailed Problem Summary


  • Environment: Google Colab (Pro Version using a V100) for training.
  • Tool: Utilizing Hugging Face AutoTrain for fine-tuning a language model.

Sequence of Events:

  1. Initial Training:
  • Successfully trained a model using AutoTrain.
  • Process seemingly completed without errors, resulting in several output files.
  1. Missing config.json:
  • Despite successful training, noticed that the config.json file was not generated.
  • Without config.json, the trained model cannot be loaded for inference or further training.
  1. Manual Configuration:
  • Created a config.json manually based on a the ‘base model’ used for fine-tuning (NousResearch/Llama-2-7b-chat-hf) plus additional training and adapter parameters derived from the fine-tuned model’s files AutoTrain uploads to the HF repository.
  • Uploaded this config.json to the Hugging Face repository where the model resides.
  1. Upload to Repository:
  • Uploaded all relevant files, including pytorch_model.bin, adapter_config.json, adapter_model.bin, and others, to a Hugging Face repository named Kabatubare/meta_douglas_2.
  1. Model Loading Error:
  • Attempted to load the model and encountered the following error:

vbnetCopy code

OSError: Kabatubare/meta_douglas_2 does not appear to have a file named pytorch_model.bin, tf_model.h5, model.ckpt, or flax_model.msgpack.
  1. File Size Anomaly:
  • Noticed that the size of the uploaded pytorch_model.bin is only 888 Bytes, which is far smaller than what is typical for such files.

Repository File Structure:

  • adapter_config.json
  • adapter_model.bin
  • added_tokens.json
  • config.json (manually added)
  • pytorch_model.bin (888 Bytes, suspected to be incorrect or incomplete)
  • Tokenizer files (tokenizer.json, tokenizer.model, etc.)
  • Training parameters (training_args.bin, training_params.json)

Specific Questions for the Hugging Face Community:

  1. Configuration File: Why is a config.json not generated by AutoTrain by default? Is there a specific setting or flag that needs to be enabled to output this file?
  2. File Size Issue:
  • What could cause pytorch_model.bin to be so small (888 Bytes)?
  • Could this be a symptom of an incomplete or failed save operation?
  1. Manual Configuration:
  • Are there standard procedures or checks to verify that a manually created config.json is accurate?
  • Are there tools to validate the config.json against the actual PyTorch model file?
  1. Error Resolution:
  • How to resolve the OSError encountered while loading the model?
  • Are there specific requirements for the directory structure when loading models from a Hugging Face repository?
  1. Model Integrity:
  • Given the missing config.json and the small size of pytorch_model.bin, are there steps to verify the integrity of the trained model?

Hi, were you able to ever solve your problem? I have the same issue after using autotrain and there is no config.json file

I think your adapter_model.bin is your pytorch_model.bin, just need to rename it maybe.