AWS marketplace billing issue

Our monthly usage has been USD 431, as per our HF billing page for our organisation. This is as per the machines we have setup.

However, we received a notification of our AWS account that hugging face has billed via marketplace an amount of 7000 USD.

I have reached out to billing support. Any other way to escalate and sort this out?


We had the same problem in our AWS account. From march 18 up until now we experienced an unexpected surge with the bill going from USD 100 /month to USD 4,256.64 in only 2 days. The billing did not show up in our huggingface account though.

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Sorry to hear you’re having issue there, please email cc @michellehbn

Have written to billing support, and Megan from the team said they’re investigating. Hopefully will get resolved soon. The initial response was that they could not investigate it as an invoice was not yet raised.

I switched off all our services (two inference endpoints and one space) and i was still billed a 2,5k USD.

@michellehbn any was to expedite this?

Hi @onkar-flash, @joaojaniniribeiro, Thanks for reporting. We are currently working with AWS to resolve this billing issue in AWS Marketplace - sorry for the scare! We’ll come back to you soon upon resolution. cc @meganariley