Billing via AWS

We have created an Organisation and linked successfully to AWS marketplace. I have added a member account under this Organisation with admin role. When I create a space in this member account the billing is asking for payment info. How do I divert the member account space billing to Organisation aws billing? Please help. Thanks in advance :pray:

hi @schogini1, I’m copying @michellehbn here to help you. Thanks

Ok. Thanks. @radames I assume we aren’t supposed to use space created under the organization, as that token fails during deployment saying only member tokens can be used for deployment. @michellehbn

Hi @schogini1, Thanks for reaching out! You’ll need to make sure you are using the organization account (linked to AWS marketplace) vs the user account when creating the Space. Let us know though if you continue to run into an issue. Cheers!

@michellehbn @radames OK, got it. Thanks very much!!!

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