Billing Charges Persist Even After Receiving Community GPU Grant

Hi, this space was assigned a free GPU grant 25 days ago. However, I noticed on the billing page today that I still owe $667.82, and that the GPU grant only began 1 hour and 24 minutes ago.

Can I get an explanation or clarification for this? Thank you.

hi @Linaqruf , cc @michellehbn here to help you sort this out. But you probably don’t need to worry about the billing for you community gpu grant.

Hi @Linaqruf, Thanks for bearing with us while we took a look, sorry for the scare! We’ve fixed the community GPU grant applied to Animagine-XL - a Hugging Face Space by Linaqruf for the month of August and should now reflect as such in your billing settings. Let us know though if there are any other questions! Cheers