Building on CPU UPGRADE takes much longer than expected

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it isn’t normal for the following to build for easily up to 15-20 minutes (at least)

from transformers import AutoTokenizer, AutoModelForCausalLM
import torch
import gradio as gr

# Vue Property Decorator -> Options API
def propertyDecoratorRemoval(input_code):
    return "Removal"    

propertyDecoratorRemovalTab = gr.Interface(
    article="This tab will take the inputted code (which utilizes the vue-property-decorator package) and migrates it to the native Options API in Vue.",
    inputs=gr.Textbox(lines=50, placeholder="vue-property-decorator code here..."),
    outputs=gr.Textbox(lines=50, placeholder="Options API code will be outputted here...")

# Vue Property Decorator -> Options API
def vueVersionMigration(input_code):
    return "Migration"    

vueVersionMigrationTab = gr.Interface(
    description="❗ Please ensure that your code does not have any breaking changes when migrated to Vue 3.",
    article="This tab takes the inputted Vue 2 code and migrates it to Vue 3.",
    inputs=gr.Textbox(lines=50, placeholder="To migrate Vue 2 here..."),
    outputs=gr.Textbox(lines=50, placeholder="Migrated Vue 3 code will be outputted here...")

gr.TabbedInterface([propertyDecoratorRemovalTab, vueVersionMigrationTab], ["Vue Property Decorator removal", "Vue Version Migration"]).launch()

Anyone got a clue?