Can anyone explain my Error message loading stable diffussion

Hi, I’m a non technical user - but learning a lot trying to run stable diffusion on an AMD GPU. I am nearly there but now have an error message that I can’t understand. Any help really appreciated. Thanks. The error message is:

file location deleted, then
\Stable on AMD 14 July 2023\WEB UI\stable-diffusion-webui-directml\venv\lib\site-packages\safetensors\", line 259, in load_file
with safe_open(filename, framework=“pt”, device=device) as f:
safetensors_rust.SafetensorError: device privateuseone:0 is invalid

Stable diffusion model failed to load
Applying attention optimization: sub-quadratic… done.
preload_extensions_git_metadata for 7 extensions took 0.00s
Running on local URL: XXXX

To create a public link, set share=True in launch().
Startup time: 128.2s (import torch: 16.8s, import gradio: 30.0s, import ldm: 0.9s, other imports: 78.3s, setup codeformer: 0.1s, load scripts: 1.4s, create ui: 0.6s, gradio launch: 0.2s).

The error message says it can’t load the model, but that’s not helpful.

I had some issues making everything work, so I wrote this guide :

This may provide clues for what a working install actually looks like.