Can i export a VisionEncoderDecoder checkpoint to onnx

Can I export any hugging face checkpoint to onnx? If not, how do I go about it
@nielsr I want to export trocr checkpoint to onnx, is it possible.
I tried doing the same with a fine-tuned checkpoint of mine, it gives a KEY ERROR

KeyError: <class 'transformers.models.vision_encoder_decoder.configuration_vision_encoder_decoder.VisionEncoderDecoderConfig'>

When I do the same using “microsoft/trocr-large-printed” checkpoint, I get an exception saying

Do you know what might I be missing? Is it possible, if not , how do I go about it.

Pinging @lewtun here, to let him know people are also interested in exporting EncoderDecoder model classes to ONNX.


You can track the issue here @Kforcode

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Hey there! Any updates on this?

I’ve read through this documentation about implementing a custom ONNX configuration for unsupported architectures. The walk-through described here doesn’t look too difficult. But, I decided that before I attempted this I’d ask: is this possible with TrOCR in its current state, or is this irrelevant until the code is refactored (which I know you smart people are working on currently, and I thank you for it)?

We’re currently refactoring the internals of the ONNX exporter to handle multimodal models better here. Once that’s done, it should be relatively straightforward to export TrOCR and I’d be happy to guide you on that :slight_smile:

Oh wonderful! Thanks!

Hi there,
I am unable to export a fine-tuned TrOCR checkpoint as per the documentation for custom architectures. Is there a way to go about it?