Can patient health data be used with pre-trained models

Hello, I want to use the pre-trained models for a python or sagemaker project. are any of the pre-trained models stateless? Do the pre-trained models or apis to access them store any of the data? Can patient health data be used with the pre-trained models?

I am not a lawyer and none of this constitutes legal advice.

This is a technical forum for technical questions. If you ask a concrete, technical question about the specific behavior of a specific code fragment, like “Will this piece of code result in the sending of such-and-such data to any external server?”— that is a question that someone here may be able to answer. It is very unlikely that anyone here is going to be able to help you with anything as nebulous as “Can patient health-data be used with the pre-trained models?”. Even if the word “use” were not so broad as to be nearly meaningless (use how, exactly?), this is not a forum for legal advice, and the people here are unlikely to have a comprehensive grasp of what constitutes acceptable use of patient health data.

Ultimately, if you’re asking these questions, you probably do not have the necessary expertise to safely use patient health data in a way that safeguards patient privacy and is compliant with the laws and regulations, so you should probably move forward under the assumption that the answer to your question is, “No, I may not use patient health data with the pre-trained models.”