Can you please delete my account? Getting a bit nasty in the dalle-mini community

Hello, can you please delete my account? Thanks

Hello, Jeff Atwood, founder of here!

By default, New users can self delete their accounts if they have made no more than 2 posts and their account is less than 3 days old.

Beyond that you do have to flag your post or message a staff member to delete your account, but we nudge people toward anonymization of their account so discussions don’t end up with Swiss cheese holes in them.

Happy to see open source community software supporting this fascinating project — if we can ever help in any way don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Discourse … and remember we offer totally free community hosting for open source projects:


Also please flag any “nasty” posts, using the flag button under the post! It’s ok to disagree but let’s keep it civil, remember there is a human being on the other side of that screen…

Hi Jeff, I think I have misunderstood - I want my HuggingFace account, specifically in the dalle-mini community deleted. Can you pls direct me to the relevant HF community manager? Thanks

Hi @JackFruit7

If you want to delete your huggingface account, please send an email to Your account should be deleted in the next few days.

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