Cannot share my app with other using public link

Dear Support/Community,

I have finally gotten my Python running at your great Hugging face platform, but I cannot share my public link:
showing “404 error: Sorry, we can’t find the page you are looking for…” it is only working when I log in my account (I assume that it is running my local browser).
When I include set share=True in launch(), the systems complained that " Share cannot be supported while I am at my space". What should I do ?

Please help, because I need my Python chatbot running at your hugging face platform (hosting), and accessible by everyone from their devices.

Look forward to your advice.



Hi @Samuelxm, you cannot share a private Space. In order to share a link, it needs to be public. Another solution is to move your Space to an Organization, invite the viewers to the hub, and add them to the Organization. Thus, they will be able to see your private Space.

Thanks a lot Radames. It worked well for me. However, I don’t want share my secrtive Keys like openai api keys with others, how can hide them in my files?