Sharing private space through gr.load


I have a private space with the code I do not want to share and I am trying to share it via creating public space and load it via gradio like described here: Share app url without sharing the files and version - #12 by radames

My code is as simple as this:

import gradio as gr
import os

hf_token = os.environ['GRADIO_API_KEY']

iface = gr.load(name="<org>/<name>", hf_token=hf_token, src="spaces")

And it “works” but the app is empty, while the same private space looks normal. What might be wrong there?

Here is the space I’m talking about: PPAIA Public - a Hugging Face Space by hiPets

hi @Abdizriel

Thanks for sharing the public Space, can you please confirm both Gradio versions are the same ?

And do you see any other error message on your logs?

Hi @radames

I’ve checked and even make sure to have it on same SDK - It’s 3.36.1 for both private & public space.

I don’t see any errors other than a warning on public like this:

Fetching Space from:
Loaded as API: ✔
/home/user/app/ GradioUnusedKwargWarning: You have unused kwarg parameters in Chatbot, please remove them: {'selectable': False}
  iface = gr.load(name="hiPets/PPAIA", hf_*****=hf_*****, src="spaces")
Running on local URL:

To create a public link, set `share=True` in `launch()`.

Hi @Abdizriel !

The components are on the page but for some reason they are all invisible. I think it’s a bug in gradio but I can’t reproduce it with other demos so I think it’s something about the private space layout. It will be hard to debug without knowing what the private space looks like. Could you share the layout code of the private space but mock out all the function implementations?

Thank you