Can't enter token Id in kaggle notebooks

Hey guys , i am facing a problem and can’t login through token in kaggle notebook

!huggingface-cli login

I typed but it’s not taking input in Token

In opposite Google colab working fine

I need to run file in kaggle

Any solution?

Facing the same issue. Any updates on this?

from huggingface_hub import notebook_login

You can run this code in a notebook cell and pass on the auth_token that you have.
Running this code will open a widget and you can enter the token in here and click on login and then move to another cell.
(Note: Once you click on login you won’t receive any message however it will work if you try to run the next cell)

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Many thanks for your answer. Does this workaround work to write permission?

tagging @Wauplin working on huggingface_hub


Another login solution is to set the HF_TOKEN environment variable with one of your tokens. See the authentication guide here.