Certificate? How many hours?

I would like to take the huggingface course using, if possible, a training license in my work. To try to meet the minimum requirements (having a certificate, minimum number of hours, etc.), I ask: does it give you a certificate that there was participation? How many hours are estimated to complete the course (up to Chapter 8)?

Hi @marcusborela we don’t currently offer a certificate for completing the course, but it’s something that we’ve been discussing internally. In the past we offered a certificate for participating in a community event, but that was a one-off thing. Hope that helps!

Thanks @lewtun for the information.
I will read the book and take the course anyway as soon as I get a schedule.
But I hope that soon you will provide certificates to make it possible, in cases like mine, to be able to do it during working time (that can be officially allocated for training).