Chat bot empty replies

I’ve made my own chatbot in google colabs using this tutorial: Code a Discord Chat Bot That Talks Like Your Favorite Character - Tutorial - YouTube
I’ve made some changes like changing the gpt model as I wanted it to speak Russian so I picked up the well trained medium gpt3 model from sberbank.
I pushed it to huggingface life4free96/DialogGPT-med-TeiaMoranta · Hugging Face?
So the problem is i send a message, the bot replies to it and when I’m sending the 2nd message it replies with nothing.

And the json output log:
“generated_text”: “”,
“conversation”: {
“generated_responses”: [
“! Хочешь пойти на утреннюю пробежку вместе? Можно пообедать вместе с тобой”,
“past_user_inputs”: [
“warnings”: [
“Conversation input is to long (22), trimming it to (20 - 10)”,
“Setting pad_token_id to eos_token_id:50256 for open-end generation.”