Help with starting to write a Casual Chatbot AI

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for some help on where to start with writing an ai that is able to have small-talk and is able to have conversations about random topics,
so it should not be specialized on a single topic and more like a assistant you can have random conversations with (similar to something like Jarvis).

The problem i have is that i don’t rly know how and where to start.

If anyone could help me with that it would be greatly appreciated.

Have you been through the huggingface tutorials and guides yet?

i read through the NLP Course

This is a full featured chat application that uses multiple different models from huggingface. GitHub - huggingface/chat-ui: Open source codebase powering the HuggingChat app

At the other end is something as simple as using a pipeline like so

from transformers import pipeline, Conversation
converse = pipeline("conversational")

conversation = Conversation("how are you")


ah ty, im gonna try some stuff out with that,

btw, is it possible to somehow train the ai to answer or talk in a certain way, so basically giving it personality trades?