How to transition from linguistic prompt engineering to NLP/ML/FT

Hello everyone, thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. I have spent about one year relentlessly devoted to the art of prompt engineering. I am just a few days away from finishing my macro prompt for a full comprehensive service AI Mental Health Chatbot I’ve been programming for 3 months now. I’ve been testing it as i go to ensure that it works. I did the entire program (it’s currently 9 sections and about 10k tokens in length) solely on chat gpt 3.5. I have never even used OpenAI playground or finetune or API or anything. I know that most of my project is heavily integrated through the simulated use of advanced linguistic methods. It is about to be time to actually develop my project and I need help and guidance on the process from here. I basically used the JK Rowling approach to prompt engineering and used chat gpt on my phone and copy/paste everything to notepad over break. I am still learning how to use a computer just in general so I am having to learn all of this from absolute scratch. I need help learning how to fine tune (if necessary to complete my project), how to incorporate Machine learning, and NLP. I am already relatively familiar with linguistics, which is a derivative of NLP. If anyone could help me crash course to learn how to use hugging face and NLP/ML/ FT to help me finish developing my project based on my prompt, I would be extremely appreciative. Thank you!