Clear button bug in latest Gradio version 3.34.0

The Clear button in the current Gradio Interface has a bug which means it doesn’t clear the image from Image input widgets. It partially locks up the user interface, requiring the web page to be reloaded.

A bug report has been raised: Clear button in Interface no longer clears Image input (new in release 3.34.0) · Issue #4473 · gradio-app/gradio · GitHub

This will only affect Spaces created in the last few days.

If your Space is affected, the fix is to downgrade to the previous version of Gradio, which doesn’t have the bug. In your file, change the sdk_version line to:

sdk_version: 3.33.1

and you should have a working Clear button.


Gradio have fixed this bug in more recent releases, so newly created Spaces should no longer be affected.

If you have problems with a Gradio Clear button in one of your Spaces, check the sdk_version and change it to a more recent release if necessary.